This is us! Our spirited interactions with you and with each other propel the vibrancy of our process and built product.


OKW Architects seeks to develop meaningful relationships as the foundation of everything we do. As trusted advisors, our goal is to serve our clients with original thinking and imaginative spirit, while grounded in deep-rooted experience. Combined, this translates to mutually successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

As we approach our 60th year of successful project design, OKW continues to enhance and celebrate the integration of architectural, interior design, landscape and land planning expertise within a diverse group of market types. As we look toward the future of our design practice, it is our relationship-driven foundation that will continue to drive design excellence, entrepreneurial spirit and client service. 


OKW Architects has experienced a successful history of design since its inception in 1959. Originally rooted in corporate interiors and custom residential design, OKW has evolved to become one of Chicago’s leading providers of architectural, interior, and urban design solutions serving diverse markets. One of the most momentous changes to the firm occurred in the late 1990s when Otis Associates, Inc. merged with Koglin Wilson to become Otis Koglin Wilson Architects, Inc. In 2006, the firm officially became known as OKW Architects, Inc.