Mid America

Chicago, Illinois

Mid-America Real Estate Group is an industry leading full-service retail real estate organization serving the Midwest region.  Their expertise and exclusive focus on retail distinguishes them amongst their competition.  The relocation of their Chicago office to the Wrigley building, located on Michigan Avenue, aligns their industry leading position with the heart of retail in the City of Chicago, The Magnificent Mile.

The design of their new office space embodies the concept of creating an ‘Avenue’ and the physical and emotional characteristics that define it.  ‘The Avenue’ offers a sense of organization for the space in providing a main thoroughfare through the public space with activity zones occurring along each side.  Much like a traditional avenue, this area serves as a gathering zone by which people can interact in a variety of settings, including: the lounge, bar, and technology bar. The Avenue is intended to be utilized by both employees and guests alike. The materiality of the space combines highly urban materials with traditional materials and applications, offering a fresh aesthetic that is unique to Mid-America Real Estate Group.