Oak Wealth Advisors

Northbrook, Illinois

Families caring for children and adults with special needs often require experienced and objective financial advice to help them plan for long-term budgetary requirements. Traditionally only available to very wealth families and institutions, Oak Wealth Advisors was founded on the premise that these services should be provided to all families. 

The owner approached OKW with an existing space that lacked the comfortable charm necessary to make their clientele feel at ease. OKW’s task was to take this dark and dated space and imbue it with a sense of residential comfort. Simple moves made this goal a reality: opening the kitchen to the entryway, relocating the entrance to allow for a private client meeting space, and updating the bathrooms with more inviting finishes.

By listening to the client and maintaining an open line of communication, OKW provided solutions for issues arising with the existing building, addressed budgetary constraints and actualized the client’s values through the new design.