4201 Lake Cook Rd

Northbrook, Illinois

The owner of 4201 Lake Cook Road came to OKW to reposition an existing stale precast building to better attract new tenants. Our team jumped at the opportunity, identifying a few key opportunities to unlock value affordably. The key to a great transformative renovation is a concept design rooted in a thorough understanding of the bones of the old building.  We set-out to determine exactly how this building was built and then set parameters for what can and cannot be demolished, altered or replaced within a given budget and schedule.   

From collaboration with our structural engineer, we were able to determine that a certain number of the exterior, precast walls could be removed without costly reinforcements.  We peeled away the precast walls at each corner & introduced a high performance glass curtain wall the full height of the building to bring much needed light deep into the building and provide a modern aesthetic to the exterior. 

We replaced an outdated fabric entrance canopy that was blocking daylight with a modern semicircular glass lobby addition that is furnished with soft seating areas.  This lobby addition enhances the experience upon entering/exiting the building, provides a modern amenity to each tenant, and also serves as the building’s new identity.