Alper Services

Chicago, Illinois

Alper Services is a Chicago-based insurance company moving from a brick and timber building they’ve owned and occupied for 30+ years. They’ve selected the Wrigley Building as their new home, based on love for its history and connection to the city – important qualities that Alper values in itself. OKW has been tasked with designing their new office at Wrigley and developing a concept for how their brand identity evolves within this space.

The design of Alper’s new office showcases its history through creative display of historic insurance memorabilia. The vision simultaneously looks to the company’s future: linear lighting throughout the space and differential soffit heights are used to create a sense of movement and energy that further re-inforce its relation to the surrounding city and skyline.

The importance of the connection between past and future even carries into the finish palette. Because their former home is so integral to their identity, Alper has chosen to infuse the new space with accents of brick, to remind them of where they came from.