Butterfield Country Club

Oak Brook, Illinois

OKW worked with Butterfield Country Club on a series of projects including a renovated pro shop, new pool and dining house, and new paddle hut. For the pro shop, the project scope included an enlarged and remodeled building. The building was opened up volumetrically to offer natural light and architectural interest to the space providing a better overall merchandising experience. The project also included improved bag storage and caddy amenities.

The new pool and dining house, in conjunction with the tennis complex to the south, gives BCC a terrific new family destination at the heart of the campus. Members can now enjoy expanded tennis environs, improved dining options, and a new kiddie pool for the club’s young families. While building on BCC’s architectural heritage, the building offers modern amenities that keep the club looking to the future.

Butterfield Country Club will introduce paddle tennis to the membership with the installation of four new courts and adjacent paddle hut. The building will provide a destination for BCC’s winter sports program and serve as a gateway to the new campus improvements. With both indoor and outdoor gathering spaces, the paddle hut will enhance the social strengths of the club, while advocating the sport of paddle tennis.