Fred's Garage

Winnetka, Illinois

Situated in  Winnetka, a well-heeled suburb of Chicago,  Fred’s Garage seeks to elevate casual American food in a comfortable environment.  Located on a quaint street in the heart of town, the existing building is a non-descript gas station.  The interior and exterior design of the restaurant seeks to honor the building’s history and industrial charm but the careful detailing and finish selections overlay a level of style and sophistication .

The restaurant combines multiple prototypical environments into one space; a different mood and feel characterizes each zone.  The bar is intentionally subordinate to the dining experience to create a family-focused atmosphere.  Designed to recall the atmosphere of an intimate garden party, the outdoor patio is a critical feature of the restaurant.  Operable garage doors allow the ambience of the patio to pervade the interior, creating a connected experience.