Goddess and the Baker

Chicago, Illinois

Goddess and the Baker has a unique business concept which focuses on a one-of-a-kind coffee program, chef-curated food, and imaginative desserts.  OKW’s design provides a space to highlight the beauty and intentionality of their work.

This location (Wacker and LaSalle) capitalizes on the bustling nature of the popular Chicago Riverfront.  Located in a historic building, the tenant space features expansive windows that allow daylight to flood the space.  The previous tenant had been a bank, and the process of retrofitting to accommodate a hospitality use presented many challenges.

The design maintains the charm of existing details such as terrazzo flooring.  New insertions into the space embrace a mid-century modern aesthetic, evidenced in selections ranging from the brass pendant light fixtures to the accent floor tile.  The Goddess and the Baker brand infuses the space with bold neon signage and a signature custom color espresso machine.