Boston Retail

Boston, Massachusetts
78,000 SF

Downtown Crossings is a pedestrian retail district located in the center of downtown Boston. An undervalued vacant building in the heart of Downtown Crossings, this is a 5-story mixed use building with a basement.  Existing retail encompasses the basement, 1st and 2nd floor, with offices on floors 3-5. 

Our client’s goals are to make the basement and floors 1-4 retail,  leaving the fifth floor to remain office.  The traditional front façade will be renovated into a modern glass and steel curtain wall for the first two retail levels.  Existing windows will be opened up and made larger for floors 3 and 4.

One of the design challenges facing our team is that we didn’t have any physical drawings to the building.  Our team traveled onsite to field measure the entire 6 levels of the building.  Using our field dimensions, we were able to compile LOD’s for building.  We were then commissioned to form a pricing set for the owner which described, in detail, the full extent of renovations that are expected to be performed.  Our design team composed multiple renderings for marketing the property for future tenants.