Medinah, Illinois

The planning and design for Medinah’s new freestanding Golf Performance Center, Racquet Center, and redesign of their existing Oasis Restaurant, were completed as Phase I of the Medinah Master Plan. OKW collaborated with the Planning and Construction Committees to establish the clubs specific goals and objectives and to explore the optimal layout and aesthetics to best represent the clubs vision. OKW worked closely with the Owner’s Rep to ensure the design and budget were aligned at each critical milestone.

The Oasis Restaurant renovation included the integration of a full service kitchen to support their new food program, a full service bar, and an updated aesthetic which evolved around the concept of bringing theoutside in and the inside out. The Golf Performance Center and Racquet Center were recently completed in 2017. Both projects featured state-of-the-art design and technology, collectively working to create a member experience that is unique to Medinah. Both facilities were designed to support the expansion of current club amenities and programs, providing an elevated experience for members.