Wilde and Greene

Skokie, Illinois

OKW collaborated with GHA Design Studios on the planning, design and execution of documents and led the oversight during construction.

The project was designed to emulate a downtown warehouse conversion.  Where ever possible,  re-claimed and re-used materials were specified and installed.  The variety of materials used both on the exterior and interior enhances the “re-claimed space” design aesthetic while furthering the brand concept of a “fresh market restaurant”.   Materials  include cor-ten steel, cedar, iron spot brick, reclaimed barn wood floors & ceilings, marble tiles, mosaic stone tile, end grain wood floors, painted steel canopies, polished concrete, decorative tile, tin ceilings, and wallcovering.

The restaurant and market contains food stations offering choices from sushi to corned beef sandwiches and a market with cheeses, wine, fresh produce and grocery staples.