New at OKW: Kiel Fahnstrom

In the last six months, OKW has added many new faces to our studio. These professionals have contributed to some of the city’s most well-known firms, amassing a broad and colorful body of work in the process. This month we're adding Kiel Fahnstrom to our studio, whose experience includes many high-profile clients abroad and at home.


Kiel Fahnstrom

With experience in both architecture and interior design, Kiel brings to OKW a breadth of experience in high-profile projects around the world. Having worked directly with local starchitects, Kiel has worked on projects in China, Canada, and in his hometown, where he was part of the team that brought the new Chicago Architecture Center to life.

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And we’re not done! We’re still looking for architects and designers of all levels to fill our rapidly growing project load. Read more about our growing staffing needs here.

As a trusted advisor to our clients, OKW seeks to develop meaningful relationships as the foundation of everything we do. This means seeking talented and driven professionals to steer, develop, and execute our many unique projects.