Krispy Kreme: Vision vs. Reality

OKW recently photographed the new headquarters office space for Krispy Kreme in Charlotte, North Carolina with Steve Hall of Hall + Merrick Photographers. Much earlier in the design process, our interiors team created photorealistic renderings to effectively communicate the project’s vision. When our designers finished the photo shoot, they realized that two of the final photographs were taken from nearly the same identical “virtual” spot as the original renderings.

The side-by-side comparisons below show how accurate those designs are to the finished product. Use the slider to alternate between rendering and final photograph. If the image doesn’t load, click here.

The client requested that the environment fuel creativity and the collaborative spirit. To both achieve this and infuse the space with energy, the team selected a historic warehouse building in Charlotte’s vibrant South End neighborhood. Their new HQ space houses their teams for R&D, design, and marketing, as well as groups leading various international initiatives to advance Krispy Kreme’s global market share.

The office’s new design was also intended to be used as a recruitment tool to attract new staff from Charlotte’s booming talent pool, which the client has reported has been a resounding success.