New at OKW: Cody Bailey & Ian Miley

We continue to grow with two new employees with very similar last names, purely coincidental. Homegrown local Cody Bailey and Oklahoma native Ian Miley are now OKWers, ready to take the reins on our many diverse projects.

As our clients entrust us to handle their large and complex projects, OKW is always seeking talented and driven professionals to enrich our client service and studio experience. We still have a need for experienced architects to join our ranks. Read more about our growing company here.


Cody Bailey

Intern Architect

Cody sees architecture as a means to improve the world around us, to give structure and certainty to an increasingly unpredictable world. As a graduate of the University of Illinois and a former running back, he will bring the necessary skills to handle OKW’s projects and their design challenges.

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Ian Miley

Intern Architect

Ian’s travels have opened his eyes to architecture as part of a bigger urban design puzzle. Having written a detailed analysis of Chicago’s Old Post Office, his move to the Windy City has secured a permanent interest in architecture (and it doesn’t hurt that OKW’s office is just two blocks away from the iconic structure).

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